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Why Casual Relief Teaching (CRT) work is so competitive to source?

Why Casual Relief Teaching (CRT) work is so competitive to source?

Find out why you cannot rely on recruitment agencies to obtain work and why casual relief teacher work is very difficult to source. We provide you with all the reasons to subscribe with Emergency Teachers Australia. We know the Casual Relief Teacher job environment because we receive feedback from emergency teachers every day and that is why ETA has become Australia’s No.1 teacher service provider.


  • Emergency teaching is very competitive. Feedback from recruitment agency staff notes approximately one day’s work every three weeks from experienced staff and in most cases no return calls to graduates seeking work. Recruitment agencies cater for a selected “pool of teachers” and the major objective of agencies is sourcing longer contract employment and ongoing work, not day to day CRT duties. Refer to or


  • Most CRT staff have established a network base over years of casual relief employment and school management are aware of the teacher’s professional and personal attributes. Daily organisers can rely on last minute contact calls and are assured the CRT will turn up. This trust is established over a period of time.


  • School management rarely advertise for CRT Staff and usually employ staff referred by networking.


  • Schools are very reluctant to change CRT staff, especially if they are pleased with the professionalism and dedication shown by teachers currently employed. It takes time to gain an overall awareness of the school environment, curriculum and charter priorities to effectively carry out all teaching task effectively.


  • Schools mainly employ new CRT’s when current emergency teachers have gained longer contracts, employed on a part time / ongoing basis, or employed at a different school. New CRT’s are also contacted as a result of the previous CRT candidate not being available.


  • Schools employ CRT staff from recommended family members currently employed at the school. 


  • Graduate status applies to teachers less than three years of teaching. Each year thousands of graduates are added to the employment pool and all seek CRT experience in order to gain sufficient registration hours (VIT) and experience to place on their resume for future employment and accreditation purposes.


  • Presently, there is an oversupply in most teaching methodologies apart from Maths, Physics, IT and Materials and Technology. A good indication of available jobs exists each Saturday in The Age, jobs supplement. You will notice this section is limited.


  • 90% of CRT employment is in a hidden market and employment occurs within the education sector and by networking.


  • The majority of ongoing / longer fixed contract employment is happening in rural areas.  A majority of teachers are constantly applying every week and many have survived doing CRT and short term contracts for many years.


  • Feedback responses have noted that some teachers have been on fixed term contracts at different schools for many years, approximately 4 to 6 years before successfully obtaining ongoing work, some teachers abandon the idea of gaining ongoing employment, becoming disillusioned and work in other fields.


  • Most CRT teachers are engaged in other forms of employment, part time, night shift work because of the uncertainty with casual relief teaching work. They do this to keep up their professional practice and (VIT registration requirements), to expand their networking circle in order for one day be employed on an ongoing / full time basis.


  • Teachers graduating from 1992 onwards, basically a generation of teachers under the Kennett state government are also now returning, doing refresher courses and entering the profession. Yes, a whole generation of graduates, now in their 40’s, never given the opportunity to teach are returning to teaching.


  • Teachers retiring on 54/11 packages are also having it both ways, by working on contracts or CRT, and receiving pensions, therefore schools are in some cases retaining experienced staff to limit ongoing employment, allowing for staffing flexibility.


  • There is also the sponsorship / work visa teacher training scheme that schools are also utilising to employ overseas teachers.


  • You also have the scenario where permanent teachers are on family or long service, leave without pay and still continue to work as CRT teachers.


  • The Teach for Australia scheme also facilitates teacher training for professionals wanting to enter the teaching profession.


  • The casualisation mode of employment for the TAFE and tertiary sector has resulted in many lecturers completing Masters degrees in education and competing for teacher positions in the public and private school sector. 


How to Get a Relief Teaching Job

Approx 22,000 educators seek work each week. Feedback from teachers contracted to recruitment agencies notes one day’s work every month. Recruitment agencies utilise a small ‘pool of teachers’. Work is not guaranteed. 

Be pro- active. Network, send approx 65 resumes monthly, get an e-profile (so employers can find you!), visit schools, bulk email directly to school management and constantly keep in contact & follow up to show interest.


Subscribe with Us & get an e-profile, no need to send resumes or bulk email school management & we’ll also send your details to vacancies advertised in The Age, Saturday’s Education supplement every week.* Our staff will do it for you. Click here to discover the benefits of a world class service. Watch our service video:

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What Personal Subscription services does ETA provide?

Schools can access our subscriber’s Online Profile 24/7, 365 days in a year on our No.1 Google listed website.


Private and state school management subscribers search our website and contact teachers directly via phone or email in accordance to their requirements.

We provide online exposure with 2 personal profiles (Micro & Comprehensive) where subscriber schools can contact you.

Our staff collate graduate, experienced teacher & subject lists and send subscriber details to 100’s of schools each year in your work preference locality.

Our staff sends out your details to school vacancies advertised in The Age newspaper (Saturday’s employment supplement) 52 weeks in a year.*

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