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Teaching in the UK Information for Teachers.

Visa & Teacher Job Ready Travel Advice. UK working visa eligibility and prior recognition / accreditation of qualifications is an essential requirement before departure to the UK. Finalising this requirement before arriving in the UK is essential in obtaining work.

Teaching Pre-departure Work Guarantee. Employment agencies can assist in scoping long or short term contract work before departure. Direct contact with educational institutions offering employment is also an option. Employment contracts need to be finalised guaranteeing length of employment, salary and conditions.

Teacher Support Services
Agencies usually provide support staff to inform and provide teachers knowledge on the region and school environment. School management personnel can also provide support staff and further information to overseas teachers.  

Setting Up Financial Services
Teachers need to set up a UK bank account, apply for your National Insurance Number, and find accommodation in accordance with budget allowances.

Teacher Accommodation Assistance
Shared accommodation is popular and cost effective; therefore many teachers select this option. Teacher agencies and real estate agents can provide advice on accommodation. Teachers are advised to make accommodation arrangements before departure.

UK Teacher Salary

Newly qualified teacher (NQT) £23,720 to £29,664

Qualified teacher

England (excluding London) and Wales - £23,720 to £35,008

London - £24,859 to £41,268 (fringes),

£27,596 to £43,348 (outer),

£29,664 to £47,751 (inner)

Scotland - £27,438 to £44,727

Northern Ireland - £22,243 to £37,870.

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