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Teaching Jobs in China

Teaching jobs in China offered to overseas teachers require a bachelor’s degree in any field. A TELF (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate, preferably with two years of teaching experience is the main requirement in gaining employment as an English teacher in China.

Completing a TELF internship in China. Another method of obtaining a teaching job in China is to complete a paid TELF internship. Internships cost between $1200.00 - $1500.00, in addition to the cost of your flights and living expenses. During the 4-5 month internship applicants gain teaching experience and qualify for the TEFL certificate. Applicants will also gain valuable insight into teaching and living in China. Applicants do not require a bachelor’s degree or prior teaching experience when completing an internship.

Most teachers work in larger cities such as; Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou which offer many types of Western food and other amenities.

Job availability and vacancies are listed by researching online at The International Educator and International School Services. International recruitment organisations and school management utilise this resource to advertise current and future job postings. Interested applicants are advised to conduct independent research and gain information on housing, cost of living, employment terms and conditions, currency exchange rates, transportation services and regional community information. All the noted factors should be considered before signing and finalising contract agreements for international teaching positions.      


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