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Teaching Jobs- Resources, Sydney NSW Teacher Job Tips (Part 2)

Teaching Positions Jobs Resources, Sydney NSW Teacher Jobs Vacancies Staff,

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Network, send approx 65 resumes monthly, get an e-profile (so employers can find you!), visit schools, bulk email directly to school management and constantly keep in contact and follow up to show interest. Be pro- active, thousands of teachers compete for the job placements.

Before applying, ask management whether or not the vacancy is reserved for the intended incumbent or reserved for specific personnel.

When applying for vacancies always talk to school management and enquire if it is a genuine position. In most cases, the advertisement procedure is adhered to in order to establish legal requirements. Ask if the vacancy is intended or reserved for the incumbent currently serving in the advertised position. In most cases, management will be honest and tell you the truth. In this manner you can save time, effort and costs associated with personalising or tailoring each vacancy in accordance to the position description. By asking, you could save and enjoy your weekend rather than waste time in applying for positions that are advertised for legal reasons, rather than to source staff in an equitable manner.   

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