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How to get a US teaching Job?

United States (US) citizenship is not a prerequisite for teacher employment. Currently, there is a teacher shortage and many vacancies are filled with overseas teachers, therefore satisfying the demand for teaching staff throughout the Unites States. All non-citizens must acquire authorisation to work in the United States.

Overseas teachers must seek US certification in order to meet teaching employment requirements:- the completion of the foreign equivalent of a US undergraduate degree. Prospective overseas teachers must also complete a teacher program in accordance to the teacher accreditation and licensing requirements of the particular state in accordance to teacher employment preference.

In most cases, overseas teachers require a bachelor’s degree to work as a teacher. In the US some states require a master’s degree. Overseas teachers require practical teaching hours within a classroom environment and satisfactorily complete a standardized exam. Overseas teachers are advised to seek further information online from US educational government departments concerning an expression of interest to teach in specific states.

U.S. Department of Education

U.S. Department of Education | USAGov

In the US it is a mandatory requirement that all teachers must be licensed by completing the necessary degree requirements and passing examinations as imposed by the governing authorities of each state. Generally, to gain employment as an elementary teacher, interested individuals need a bachelor’s degree specialising in education. High school teachers require degrees in subject specific teaching areas.

US Teacher Certification Guide

Teacher Certification for Foreign-Educated Teachers

Teaching without Certification.
 Although the essential requirements in obtaining teaching employment are noted above it is possible to gain employment without being certified.

Teacher Salary Range

The median annual salary for high school teachers was $58,030 (2016). The Highest paid 10 percent approximately $92,920, the lowest 10 percent made $38,180.

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