How to Write an Agenda for a Meeting- Template Example Only

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                   EXAMPLE ONLY


                                        YEAR 8 PLT / FACULTY MEETING


Staff present:  NH, BA, ZJ, IJ, TY, AK, ZD, IT, YU, UO, PL,  Meeting Commenced: 3.35pm

Apologies:  TA, GS, MI,                                                                  Meeting Ended: 5.30pm


A few teachers have not completed the planning proforma and have not produced the final document. Please incorporate VELS and High Performance Literacy initiatives when forming units of work. As mentioned, photocopies of the units of work are located in the allocated storage area in the main staffroom for referral purposes.


Permission forms have been forwarded to students and instructions and information has been provided concerning the excursion.  Students were informed to hand in the form with payment to the General Office before 7th August, 2009.

As noted, LOTE, Humanities, Textiles, Visual Communication faculties are contributing $114 each.

Please provide the funding at your earliest convenience.

Further financial assistance from the rest of the faculty groups would be appreciated.

Students will pay $6.50 for the excursion.


Date: Friday, 4th September.

Exhibition starts at 10.00 am and finished at 11.00am.  

Student numbers: 75

Teacher numbers attending: To be confirmed.

Cost per Student: $6.00

Booking fee: $ 11.00

Booking Number: 124420

Any changes require to be forwarded within two weeks from the excursion date.  


Browse museum website and structure worksheet to be completed within the one hour exhibition.


Literacy Week has commenced and the importance of wide reading at home and an emphasis on increasing spelling and vocabulary skills should be emphasized.

All Year 8 students engaged in the spelling competition as formulated by BB.

Four students from each class will compete in the overall Year 8 Literacy Week Spelling Competition.

Due to KJ being absent the competition is on hold.


GS will attend our meeting and provide an explanation on how to use the workbook component and assorted exercises.


It was discussed at CAC that the PLT will be responsible for preparing, structuring and finalising course components.


Discussion was on improving classroom behaviour by focusing on combining subject theory with a variety of multiple intelligence manual tasks to encourage increase work effort by boys, therefore focusing on work rather than misbehaviour. An emphasis on establishing a more engaging learning environment catering to the learning requirements of boys was discussed.


Suggestions on introducing Philosophy incorporating values / ethics into the pastoral subject content were discussed comprehensively. Staff felt that this method would assist in providing students with the knowledge to evaluate their behaviour in the classroom. Students would gain knowledge on appropriate conduct and the positive effects on the overall learning environment.




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