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How to Get an English Teaching Job Overseas.

Essential qualifications to teach English abroad: To teach English overseas, a Bachelor's degree in any subject/major and an ESL teaching qualification (TEFL certification) is required as a minimum qualification. Degree qualified teacher staff are usually on a higher pay scale. Teaching jobs globally can be obtained in educational institutions by employing non-degree qualified staff to teach English abroad however prospective teachers will require a TEFL certification from an accredited program. In some countries, a degree is not required however TEFL qualifications are essential. Interested persons are advised to contact the appropriate education department, recruitment organisation or government agency from their specific country in order to gain minimum qualifications to teach before departure. Teachers with a TEFL certificate qualification and with native English-speaking abilities have the theoretical and practical skills to provide the necessary language instruction and delivery to students. Countries with the highest teacher salary pay scale: The United Arab Emirates, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Taiwan, South Korea & China. Working visa eligibility and prior recognition / accreditation of qualifications is an essential requirement before departure.

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