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Casual Relief Teaching: Your Essential Job Guide for Semester 2.

It is nearly approaching semester two and by now you are obviously aware that recruitment agencies are not guaranteeing any work or even if they are, one day’s work a fortnight is not enough to survive on! Feedback has it that teachers are being told there is no work or to enrol in additional postgraduate studies to increase opportunities. Reality is that you must be pro active and apply dedication and perseverance if you intend on pursuing a career in education.

Our dedicated staff at Emergency Teachers Australia Online has prepared an essential action plan to increase your chances of obtaining work throughout the semester.

  1. Find out names of the Daily Organiser, Principal or Assistant Principal. Contact schools and obtain the titles and names of key personnel responsible for hiring staff.
  2. Obtain telephone numbers and email details of the Daily Organiser, Principal or Assistant Principal. Contact schools and obtain direct telephone numbers and email addresses of key personnel. You need this information because you will be contacting school management at least once a fortnight or month.
  3. Prepare a letter outlining your qualifications, additional skills and the reasons you want to be employed at that particular school e.g. Awareness of the Vietnamese culture and language.
  4. Modify or update your resume and include your latest referees.
  5. Photocopy and attach the latest references to your resume.
  6. Make a list of all the schools you have emailed or posted your resume, for future reference throughout the year. This is essential in order to cover all the schools in your area and surrounding areas.
  7. Google the schools you intend to visit and obtain information on the school, key personnel, charter priorities and the local educational community.
  8. Networking: Visit the school and get to know the principal, assistant principal and daily organiser. Inform them that you have forwarded your credentials and contact details via email and leave a hard copy before you leave.
  9. Use free online job resources:!/reliefteachers

Remember, it is a numbers game and the greater effort and time dedicated to contacting and networking with schools, the greater your chances of getting contacted for employment! It is that simple and that is why many teachers subscribe with Visit us online and watch our service video for further information.

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Good luck!




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