Casual Relief Teaching Job Tips

                 HOW TO GET A CRT JOB

                                           How do I increase my job prospects?

Visit schools in your local area and express an interest that you are available for employment and leave your resume & contact details.

Networking is the key to sourcing jobs. Get an online profile and send out bulk resumes.

Send out bulk resumes once a month, approximately 60 to 80, and follow up by calling school management expressing an interest in working at their educational institution.

Do not be disappointed if you get no calls on your first attempt. Remember there are 17,000 -22,000 staff sourcing work each week! Continue the process by sending out resumes to schools that are located within 45 minutes of your vicinity.

Visiting schools and request a meeting with the principal or daily organiser. You can utilise this opportunity to talk about your skills, subject knowledge and extra educational services you offer to the local community.

When discussing your interest to school management take this opportunity to inform them about recent educational trends & literacy and numeracy programs that you have completed or aware of  E.g. John Monroe literacy strategies, High Performance literacy strategies, De Bono’s thinking caps, GNAG, familiarity with On Demand Testing, NAPLAN, TORCH, e5, VELS.

When discussing your interest in working at the school mention that you are a local and therefore have essential knowledge on the communities educational, social and welfare requirements concerning educational issues.

Increasing your professional development by completing short courses and including these in your resume and Online Teacher Profile.

Networking; keep in contact with your graduating class, teacher friends and ask about employment prospects at schools you are interested in.

Source The Saturday Age (Employment section) and call school management directly. Inform them that they have received your details through ETA.

Contact the Daily Organiser at least every month. This shows that you are keen and interested in working at the school. School circumstances and staff change, therefore it is wise to contact schools regularly. It is important to remember that in term four schools start seeking candidates for the next year’s employment requirements! Schools usually know at this time of the year the amount of staff and teaching area vacancies. By contacting the principal and Daily organiser you could be doing them a favour and saving the school thousands from advertising. Timing is everything!     

Use ETA’s FREE resources effectively to gain further knowledge on the job application process, classroom management / online activities, or improve upon your lesson plans etc... 

With ETA you’re applying for jobs 24/7!

Schools can contact our subscribers Online Profile 24/7, 365 days in a year on our No.1 Google listed website.

Private and state school management subscribers search our website and contact teachers directly via phone or email in accordance to their requirements.

We provide online exposure with 2 personal profiles (Micro & Comprehensive) where subscriber schools can contact you.

Our staff collate graduate, experienced teacher & subject lists and send subscriber details to 1000’s of schools each year in your work preference locality.

Our staff send out your details to school vacancies advertised in The Age newspaper (Saturday’s employment supplement) 52 weeks in a year.

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