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An online profile on a No.1 website & 1000’s of schools get your details for one year!

Q: What does (ETA) provide?

ETA provides Teacher’s Aides / Teacher’s Assistant / Integration Aides with an online profile 24/7 on an established, identifiable educational term “”. ETA's established  Australian school members can access your details and contact you directly. As bonus ETA also forwards your details to thousands of schools throughout the year. You are guaranteed 100% exposure and promotion. Save time, effort and money.

By subscribing with ETA you will have an online Teacher’s Aide / Teacher’s Assistant / Integration Aide profile 24/7 on a No.1 search engine listed website where schools can access your details and call you for employment directly. Your details and/or Video Profile will also be forwarded to school management across Victoria every month, term or semester in accordance to your employment locality preference as stated on your online profile. Our staff will also forward your details to schools advertising vacancies in SATURDAY’S EMPLOYMENT section from THE AGE newspaper for one year!

Emergency Teachers Australia (ETA) is offering teachers from around the world the opportunity to promote their services directly to Australian educational institutions in order to obtain a Teacher’s Aides / Teacher’s Assistant / Integration Aide job.

Q: How do I register? Click here to register.

Q: Can I see an example of an Online Comprehensive Staff Profile?

Yes. Click to access link:

Q: How do schools separate Teacher’s Aide profiles from teacher profiles?  

Simple. When you complete your online registration you will select “Integration Aide” in the Teacher Classification component. You can also list “Integration Aide” next to your surname when you register. School management can easily identify your job classification.

Q: How do ETA assist Teacher’s Aides / Teacher’s Assistants / Integration Aide with job opportunities? is listed 1ST POSITION ON PAGE 1 GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING and 1st POSITION, 1ST PAGE in all major search engines. The trademark and website domain terminology EMERGENCY TEACHERS is a direct search engine term utilized by educational institutions worldwide.

By completing our one step registration / online profile process your details are available 24/7 to school management for one year’s duration. You can update or modify your online profile by using your personal login and password details 24/7.

School management assess each staff’s qualification and experience in accordance with the institution’s requirements and successful candidates directly through email or telephone.

At no extra cost ETA will also forward your details to Principals / Daily Organisers in thousands of Australian schools, in accordance with your preferred work locality every month, term or semester. ETA will also forward your details to Principals / Daily Organisers / School management administrative personnel advertising teacher vacancies in SATURDAY’S EMPLOYMENT section from THE AGE newspaper for ONE YEAR.

Subscription fee: $207.00 for ONE YEAR’s subscription* from the date of registration.


Q: How is the subscription fee paid? 

Via the online credit card payment facility on our website.

Q: Do you apply commissions and ongoing fees after I secure work?

No commissions or ongoing fees.

You are free to negotiate any personal work arrangement with any employer. ETA will not interfere with the work agreement process.
Subscription fee service information:

Click here to register and discover the benefits of a world class service.

ETA’s annual subscription fee is not an employment finder’s fee.  Educational institution contact, employ and pay staff in   accordance to their requirements.



Service Information:

Antoinette Stingas, Managing Director, ETA




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