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What is Emergency Teachers Australia?

Emergency Teachers Australia (ETA) is the first nationwide teacher / childcare online personnel database that cover both government and private sector educational and childcare initiatives.

ETA is the only service that provides the Job Offer Notification system, Online Reference / Performance Rating staff feature for a one off annual registration fee. Functioning to fill both temporary and long term positions with registered and qualified teaching / childcare personnel we have created a service based on effective and accountable teaching / childcare practices.

Designed for employing specifically qualified teachers to specialist subject areas, ETA connects employers directly with staff and management who are requiring casual relief work placement. It is a simple but revolutionary concept working together with you to improve Australia’s educational national interest.

Casual relief teaching staff register online and complete their online resume profile in one simple step. Employers then choose suitable candidates from our Micro Quick Profile feature and send out multiple online job offers through our exclusive Job Offer Notification system. It’s that easy! No interviews and no contracts!

This process eliminates the stress of making early morning “dead calls” to unavailable staff. Employers can simply relax and enjoy that morning cup of coffee, remaining assured that the casual relief teacher job vacancies have been filled via the Job Confirmation Response. ETA can become the focal point of your day, changing a once stressful situation into a casual browse online. Taking this stress free approach to staff recruitment will save you time and money for school / childcare centre and staff alike.

The staff Performance Rating feature, Online Reference reports and staff availability indicator from previous employers and other specialist services allow both prospective teachers / childcare personnel and employers to take control of their casual relief employment decisions. Have access to our extensive database that covers the entire education / childcare sector. Efficiency, reliability and affordability are key elements required by most in the education / childcare sector.

Emergency Teachers Australia online is built on these key elements and offers a service that meets your needs and will exceed your expectations. We are constantly reviewing and updating our service with innovative advancements, to simplify your staffing requirements. Register online and experience a unique world class service.

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